A.C with love-

"Hi Donna this is AC I want to share my testimony that you have help me with who knew on October 31 of 2013 a special woman will walk into my life and help me you have helped me in so many ways that I can't explain you know my situation that I talk to you about with my mother you know my love for her was on condition I get up and go to work every day knowing the pain in my heart is still there you might not know this but when you came around it was like The world was lifted off my shoulders you came into my life and made me start living again we travel go place together and have a good time that helps me a whole lotYou invite me over for Christmas Thanksgiving all the holiday and it be just like old times when my mom was here and I love you for that because you don't have to do it now if that's not a testimony what the hell is.And the motivation you showing you love your kids grandkids unconditional you always extending your mind set high goals for yourself and believe in God most important you always encouraging me to keep doing better stay on the straight pathAnd I love you for that we both know it's easy getting into trouble but Hard getting out and I like your motivation you're determined to get it done as a strong black woman and raise 2 strong minded kids Like yourself that's hard to do I can go on and on but that's enough and I just wanted to tell you keep up the good work keep Keep the negative people away stay focus believe in God because he believe in you" l
  [🙏] 🏿 [👫] [❤] ️ [❤] ️
Always, Your friend Valencia~

"I want to thank you Donna and million times over for being a true friend. You always  give it to me raw and uncut. You had inspired me in so many ways to my business and my marriage. You went over and beyond the call of duty all the time. Researching and being resourceful,  I often wonder why you were always willing to help me with all the personal things you were going through. Your words will always ring in my ear still to this day. "Let my life be a lesson so you don't have to go through it"! 
This is your destin your calling, I support you. 

"She has a heart of Gold. The things she has gone through has allowed her to relate to situations and give sound advice to advance others on their journey. Her wisdom and empathy have played an intricate role in my success thus far in law school. Keep encouraging others and allowing your light to shine."
                                ~Semaj Garrett 

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