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I am a certified Life Coach with the leadership of International Coach Federation (ICF) who are among the most skilled in life coaching has to offers you a convenient and comprehensive way to become a certified professional Life Coach. My background as a Life Coach consist on working with ladies whom has been shackled to their past, until it consumed them. These ladies are now productive citizens, living wonderful life, I worked with the independent school district in “ISS” a behavioral consequence for students, And I was also an advocate for bipolar schizophrenic clients with chemical deficiency for the courts. I specialize in Personal Coaching in guiding individuals through the difficult transitions of life and helping them to successfully reach their goals for personal empowerment.   

My goal is to help stretch you from where you are to where you want to be in Life.

I’m interested in helping you grow, achieve your goals, and maybe even stretch yourself beyond boundaries you have created for yourself. As a Life Coach I am your advocate, I am not here to tell you what to do. As a Personal life coach I help my clients explore and come up with the best choices for them based on where they are and the client’s vision for their future. As a Coach my are experts are the process of changing behavior, which can be more valuable than giving instructions.
Working with a coach is the most effective way to reach your goals. It has been proven to help you be more satisfied with life, have better relationships and be more successful professionally. Improves your work performance and productivity. Increases your well-being and life satisfaction by 53% Boost your productivity by 90%.

Those who feeling unhappy but not understanding why, looking for more structure, wanting needing to reduce stress, or even seeking answers and finding more purpose I can help.
I have overcome all these challenges and some first-hand I understand what it is like to feel uncertainty about your future “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE”. I am very dedicated and loyal to serving as your life coach, as well as your countability partner and your friend.
My focus on Life Coaching system is to offer you individualized game plan that teach novice to experienced individuals how to achieve results and ensure you, you reach your maximum potential. Only you know if you are ready to Empower you. If so, I would be honored to be your coach and help you through you the process.

For coaching sessions, I offer one on one-hour long meeting via telephone or Skype. Before you begin you will have an opportunity to have a 20-minute consultation call to give you a chance to get acquainted explore your challenges and our goals and see if I can serve your needs as a Life Coach.

It is important to remember, that it may have taken you months or years to get stuck in your current issue. It will likely take more than one session to start moving in a forward direction. Most coaches will offer packages to help support you in your mission.
Please know that initial 20-minute consultation fees are waived for prospective coaching client.

Are you ready to take the next step?
Donna Thompson-Cooper


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