Frest Start Life Coaching / 501C3

 Personal Self- Management Skills

Provides students with strategies for decision making, managing stress,
and managing time and money.

General Social Skills

Enable student to strengthen their communication skills while building
and maintaining relationships in a variety of settings.

Drug Resistance Skills

Encourages students to understand the consequences of substance
use and risk taking.

Parent/Child Transitional Mentoring

Individual and group counseling for reuniting mothers and fathers with children
after being apart. Anger. Fear and loss are some issues which are addressed
in sessions with parents and their children.

Scared Straight Program

The tours will consist of Dallas County and Tarrant County jails as well as surrounding prisons. The tour will be conducted by the Communications & External Affairs Division.
The tour is primarily for students from elementary schools through college age.
The tour offers a valuable educational opportunity to witness the day -to-day operations
of a correctional facility. These tours are also offered to community and senior groups, as well as public agencies and all those interested in taking tours.

Maximizing Use of Community Resources

Developing and maintaining strong connections with community resources can greatly enhance schools capacity to support these youngsters. Entities to tap in to include public and private agencies, colleges and universities, businesses, artists and cultural institutions, faith-based organizations and volunteer groups.
Reorganizing crisis assistance and prevention

Reorganizing Crises Assistance and Prevention

Schools need system that can respond quickly and effectively in the wake of any crisis, whether it is a natural disaster, a terrorist attack or student acting in a way that endanger other. Schools must also create safe and caring learning environments that deal preemptively with disruptive and potentially dangerous behavior such
as bullying and harassment.

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